Team Shark BJJ

Team Shark BJJ


"The Invisible Jiu-Jitsu"


Here is our curriculum for today June 1st and June 2:

2 minutes warm up, can be anything you like

5 minutes of low pass, knee on belly, under-hook to go mount

2 minutes shrimp and double shrimp

5 minutes of mount position going to cross choke and the bottom person bump you and ending up in guard, grab both wrists and push one in and same side leg goes to the shoulder and you grab and pull the inside arm to the same side of the leg on the shoulder and with the other hand grab your shin and lock your triangulo

2 minutes frog jump

5 minutes of grabbing the lapel and sleeve, standing, give 3 pulls down and shoot for double /single leg.

2 minutes of hippies shifting

5 minutes of regular arm bar from mount, left and right

2 minutes of sprawls

Enjoy it guys.

Let us know if you have questions.


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