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ALL OF OUR KIDS PROGRAMS ARE BULLY-PROOF Kid’s classes are for children ages 5-12. Teenagers generally attend adult classes, such as our Beginner BJJ class. In addition to staying active and involved in a sport, BJJ promotes respect and discipline and builds up confidence and self-esteem in kids. We have been told many times how our kids’ confidence has prevented or stopped bullying or improved behavior in school. While no martial art or activity can guarantee an improvement in school, or bullying, or general behavior, BJJ has helped many of our students. If you are curious about what our classes look like for children click this link to check out a video from class. If you have questions click here for the FAQ. And most importantly if you are ready to have your child try this out click the call us button.

No Gi

No Gi? No problem! No Gi Grappling is a challenging, fast paced, martial art that combines the best parts of BJJ and wrestling into a very fun sport! No Gi is required for this class. Show up in some active wear and let the fun begin! This class is rewarding, challenging, and most importantly a great way for you child to stay active. Physical fitness is a key component of our No Gi training and we make sure that that key component is touched on at all times. No Gi grappling is also a safe way for your child to develop self defense skills. With bullying still an issue in schools, self defense has become a critical skill for kids to learn. Taught under 4th degree BJJ Black Belt Daniel Pinheiro you can rest assured that your child will learn self respect, discipline, and have the skill set to defend themselves if needed.
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is hands down the best non violent self defense style for children and teens. Under strict supervision our students learn take down moves, tap outs, and physical fitness. BJJ is perfect for any age and physical ability. Through demonstrations and sparring you will see your child grow a skill set that will benefit them in life. Our BJJ classes are also a great way for your child to network and socialize with other children. We can talk all day about how BJJ develops discipline, helps with setting and achieving goals, but we would rather show you. Call us today to set up your free class.


BJJ is a terrific sport and a great way to bring out positive competition between children. Our kid’s competition classes are designed for those who want to push their training to the next level. In our competition classes you can expect to work and sharpen technique. We want to ensure that your child has both the technique and mental fortitude to go up against opponents. Competitions are fun but the life lessons your child will learn from this are the best take away.
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A Typical

Our kid’s classes are disciplined and well taught. We make it a point to ensure that each student is practicing correct form and movement. Our kid’s classes are also heavy on exercise and stretching. These are key components of BJJ and a great way to start your child down the road of having an active lifestyle. Parents are more than welcome to stay during classes. Our new facility has plenty of seating and wifi access.

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