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What Can I Teach My Friend To Show How Awesome Jiu-Jitsu Is?

Reader Question: I convinced a friend to come check out BJJ. What should I teach them to show how awesome jiu-jitsu is?”

Jiu-Jitsu Times: For sure show them a double guard pull to lapel open guard leading into berimbolo! Now that’s jits bro! Ossss!

But seriously, this is a worthwhile question. You want to give your friend a taste of jiu-jitsu that will make them believers in the effectiveness without overwhelming them.


Here is what I suggest:

Escape From The Mount

If you want to convince someone of the effectiveness of BJJ, there is no better way than a personal demonstration of the effectiveness of jiu-jitsu.

A great start is control of the mount position.

Here is how to do it:

a) Take mount and ask your friend to escape. Keep them controlled until they fatigue or acknowledge they can not escape.

b) Now go to the bottom and ask them to hold you in mount. Perform the basic “upa” or bridge and roll escape to prove how easily you can escape the same position they got stuck in.

Common Self-Defense Situations

Most people start martial arts to learn self defense. Only later do they develop interest in sport jiu-jitsu and sport techniques like passing the guard and omoplatas.

How about demonstrating escape from the standing headlock?

A Classic BJJ Submission

Nothing excites a new student to BJJ like learning a submission!

A straight armlock from mount and a triangle from the guard are basic enough that a total “noob” can get some grasp of it during his or her first class. These are cool but basic submissions that ignite their interest in learning more jiu-jitsu.

With a basic but fun introduction to BJJ you just might convince your friend to sign up for jiu-jitsu classes.

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