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Is Jiu-Jitsu Good for Self-Defense?

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Jiu-Jitsu is a practical martial art that teaches practitioners to fight in the clinch and ground.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is just a fighting or self-defense system. It is a martial art that teaches you to take all kinds of other sports and use them defensively. 

It allows you to use your opponent’s weight, size, and strength against them.

The next time someone asks you if Brazilian jiu-jitsu is good for self-defense, tell them that it is not just suitable for self-defense but also competition, demonstration, and fitness.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art with a foundation in Brazil’s martial arts. It’s a way of grappling and close combat.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu could be considered one of the most effective means of self-defense because it can combine both grappling and striking techniques. 

For example, if someone is choking you, you can break their grip with your arms and punch them or apply a submission hold to subdue them.

The effectiveness of a particular type of martial arts in self-defense depends on the person’s discipline and ability to execute the technique on the ground.

Because it focuses on grappling, it doesn’t focus so much on punches and kicks. It relies more on taking downs, throws, chokes, joint locks, and escapes.

It teaches you how to break free from someone who has you pinned down or has grabbed you by your clothing or limbs.

Jiu-jitsu was  developed in Japan. Which means ‘gentle way.’ The idea is to use how the opponent moves against them. 

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