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Is Jiu-Jitsu a Good Workout?

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The answer is Yes. It is an excellent full-body workout. Let me share with you why we believe it is a great workout because:

1- It will help you activate all your muscles, from your neck to your calves. But it won’t turn you into a bodybuilder.   

2- It is a great aerobic workout and highly effective cardio exercise. Excellent cardiovascular training can help you burn some extra calories. 

3- It will help you maintain your heart’s health in good condition. Your body will get more oxygen, and you will feel good.

4- For beginners, you can start with less energy as your BJJ skills improve over time

5- If you train with higher-level BJJ students, you will constantly fight for your life and put everything on the line to survive.

6- You will learn to control your breath and stay calm in dangerous situations. 

7- You will learn the importance of stretching, warming up, and recovery. This process will help you to become more flexible. 

8- An excellent jiu-jitsu academy with a high-quality coach will help you improve your physical health and your jiu-jitsu Skills. 

9- It will help you to develop an excellent technical background and a solid physical condition.

10- It is fun and will allow you to participate in many Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments.

Rhadi Ferguson, a black belt in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has a Ph.D. in education, once said that a grappling session is equivalent to a full-body workout. 

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