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Why am I not getting better at jiu-jitsu?

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You are not the only person who felt that way. Almost every beginner went through the same experience, and some possibly still do. I understand it is an awful feeling when you’re doing everything right but still don’t see the result that you want to achieve. If you keep overthinking this matter, you won’t move forward. To solve this issue, you must admit and understand the problem and apply the solution. 

I will give you four reasons to avoid making the same mistakes most students do. If you’re currently making these mistakes, it’s never too late to change!

1- Need more time to train!

This is a common problem for many people who train in BJJ. They don’t teach enough and don’t have the time to prepare as much as they would like.

The solution to this problem is to find a way to make training more efficient. One way of doing this is by arranging it with your instructor. If signing up for a private session works for you, then go for it. Most beginners train once or twice per week. I recommend training three or more per week so you don’t forget most of the things you learn.

2- Too many injuries. 

Ironically this commonly occurs if you train too much. So if you think four times a week is good and you want to bump it to 10 times a week, you have to be careful and pay attention to your body. You don’t wish to do excessive work that your body cannot handle. Do your best to learn and train at your pace because getting too many injuries can slow your improvement, which will be bad for your health. Also, you will have less time for your body to recover, physically and mentally. 

3- Training with the same partner.

You won’t improve if you roll and train with the same training partner every time! You have to seek out better training partners constantly. You also don’t always have to qualify with white belts; you can go with blue belt level because it will give you room for growth in jiu-jitsu. 

4- You’re Not Working out of the Mat

It’s essential to train your cardiovascular conditioning while you train Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Because if you don’t have the proper stamina, you won’t perform well and improve your skills. 

If you exercise outside the BJJ gym to improve your condition, you will be able to learn faster, recover more quickly, and avoid getting injured. Conditioning isn’t only about cardio, but it’s essential to work on your flexibility for BJJ to stay injury-free. It is even better if your BJJ gym provides programs like that; convenience is a good thing to have in our favor.

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